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Specimen Details

Name: Blondie
Species: Trans-Pecos Rat Snake (Bogertophis subocularis)
Morph: blonde
Sex: M
Acquired: 2008-09-01
Current Status: active
Keeper: monklet
Origin: Shannon Brown
Date of Birth: 2006-07-01
Current Age: 16y 4m 3d
Length: 49 inches / 124 cm. (2010-06-08)
Weight: 24.50 ounces / 700 gms. (2011-12-07)


updated: 2010-04-02
Trans-Pecos Rat Snake (Bogertophis subocularis)
Trans-Pecos Rat Snake, Bogertophis subocularis

Got him as a sub-adult at the 2008 NARBC show in Anaheim. Very gentle, calm, curious and active but started out as a real PITA feeder. Lately though he's been really consistent and is growing gradually. Great looking snake, almost greenish, especially up front. He's a real pain to photograph cause he never stops moving.

Dec. 25th, 2008

Apr. 5th, 2009 - He usually comes out and cruises on regular intervals day and night and loves to climb.



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