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About SerpenTrack

SerpenTrack was developed to aid snake keepers in tracking important husbandry events such as feeding, shed cycles, brumation, and breeding. Sure, you can keep all this information in notebooks, on post-it notes or even in a spreadsheet program like MS Excel, but none of those are specially adapted for storing and sorting all your important data. There are also powerful desktop applications available, but those can be expensive and they don't permit you to network and show off your collection to other keepers.

As an online database driven application, SerpenTrack does it all, and there's no license fee or any other expense. It's 100 percent free of charge and always will be. Your data is also exportable in a regularly formatted text file which ports easily into MS Excel or Open Office Calc.

SerpenTrack is the way of the future for recording, organizing and analyzing your snake husbandry activities. The longer you use it, the more you'll appreciate its ease of use and power in helping you manage your collection.


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