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Hopefully this list will answer the most common general concerns prospective or current SerpenTrack keepers may have about this website. The list should grow as questions are asked and points of confusion are identified.

If you still need help, want to offer suggestions, report bugs or just sound-off, please use the "Contact Form". SerpenTrack will do its best to respond to reasonable correspondence in a timely manner.

Will my keeper info and specimen data be exposed to all visitors?

First off, your privacy is paramount at SerpenTrack. What visitors see all depends on your keeper privacy and specimen visibilty preference settings. You can completely hide your account and collection, expose only selected specimens and hide your keeper identity, or opt for complete exposure of all your keeper and collection data. It's up to you what visitors are able to see about you and your collection.

Is my data safe?

Yes, as much so as is reasonably possible. But you may export your specimen and vendor/expenses data anytime you want in a human readable "CSV" spreadsheet format which is portable into MS Excel and Open Office "Calc". SerpenTrack will perform and offload data backups frequently but cannot guarantee a zero loss policy. SerpenTrack suggests that you perform data exports on a regular basis.

What is the basis for the taxonomy used at SerpenTrack?

No taxonomic standard is perfect and SerpenTrack understands the confusion that ongoing revisions and multiple standards cause. Never the less, in order to make any sense of the vast number of species we need to apply some sort of classification. SerpenTrack has chosen to use the CNAH List for North American species, partly for convenience and also because it is currently among the two most widely accepted. For species not covered by the CNAH list, SerpenTrack has done its best to apply what seem to be the latest and most sensible taxonomies.

All that said, SerpenTrack will modify the taxonomy used here based upon a variety of considerations including user input. The general philosophy here is conservatism and respect for taxonomic "tradition" while placing a greater value on phenotypic characteristics as oppposed to genetics. SerpenTrack will update this system on an ongoing basis as requests are made and accepted and as indications become apparent.

NOTE: SerpenTrack in no way assumes the taxonomy used here to be authoritative or in any way "official". It is solely for the users of this website and should be given no weight outside this venue.

The good news is that, as a SerpenTrack keeper you have the ability to create your own custom groups to organize your specimens. Browsers of your collection, (according to your privacy selections) will also be able to sort by your custom groups as well as the default SerpenTrack taxonomy.


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